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Christine Allaby has a Bachelor of Education Degree from U of A, a Business Management  Diploma from N.A.I.T, and a Fitness/Nutrition  Diploma from ICS.  Christine has been tutoring privately for over 15 years, and substitute taught for over 6 years. Her passion and dedication for teaching is evident in her tutoring approach. Christine believes all students can learn and improve. "It may be hard, and may take time, but stick with it, and you'll be fine." This busy  Mom of  2 children herself , has worked with all children and youth from  preschool aged up to high school, through various professional and volunteer experiences.

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Student of the Month (January 2020)

You have some very proud parents here! We can’t thank you enough for all the help and teaching you have done so far for Mercedes.  She loves going to your house and learning. She learns and retains more information in the time she is at your place than a week at school I swear !